November 25, 2021

Safety solutions appear through the fog

While the government is telling us we need to get back to the office – and most of us, if we’re honest, are keen to get back to some kind of normal – we still need reassurance that our workplaces are safe to be in.

While the government is telling us we need to get back to the office – and most of us, if we’re honest, are keen to get back to some kind of normal – we still need reassurance that our workplaces are safe to be in.

Office Space Cleaning (OSC), run by James Carver and Daisy Spain, employs over 100 staff in teams working across the West End and City, to service almost 30 buildings, ranging from 7,000 square feet up to 70,000 square feet. 

The firm has been providing a comprehensive range of services from daily serviced office cleans, through to on-site janitorial services and deep cleans between tenants since 2015, specialising in companies that have spent a lot of money on refits, and are looking for a high-end, professional cleaning service.

Since 2020, however, the focus has shifted slightly to safety in the workplace, with clients looking to protect staff as they have gradually returned to the office post-pandemic. Deep cleans, antimicrobial treatments and fogging have become the norm to help keep workers safe.

OSC’s fogging service keeps surfaces virus free for up to 30 days and is proven effective on the COVID-19 virus.

Fogging releases a fine mist of a sanitising solution into the air which then spreads throughout the space and settles on every surface, nook and cranny that might well be missed by normal cleaning.

OSC uses Zoono which, unlike other antimicrobial products, works when dry. When applied to a surface, Zoono leaves a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface and forms a barrier of positively charged microscopic pins that attract and pierce negatively charged pathogens – the pins rupture the cell walls. 

Routine cleaning in between fogging treatments does not disrupt the Zoono barrier, and because Zoono is a colourless, odourless, non-leaching, environmentally safe, food safe and non-corrosive substance, it is safe for use around humans and animals.

Zoono is suitable for use in foyers and receptions, lifts, washrooms, offices, meeting rooms and kitchens, and rooms are safe to enter just 30 minutes after a treatment.

James Carver said: “We’re all very much more aware now of germs in offices and buildings, and it’s going to take some time for everyone to feel safe in a busy office environment, but we need people to be able to get back to work.

“As we move into winter, there are warnings not just about coronavirus, but winter flu and colds, and people want to know they aren’t going to be exposed to germs in offices, so businesses will need to do something to make their employees feel safe.”

 “We’ve all become aware about touching surfaces and being in close proximity to someone with a cold or a cough, and I think workers will expect more focus on workplace cleanliness.”

OSC understands that multi-tenanted offices have particular needs – flexibility and security being paramount. Different tenants work different hours, some vacating the premises at the end of the normal working day but not all – some prefer a clean each working day, others once a week. Dedicated supervisors work with all tenants to come up with a schedule that meets individual needs.

Similarly, there may well be businesses in the same sector working alongside one another in the same building, so the peace of mind that each office is accessed securely and then locked up by cleaning staff when they are finished is vitally important.

A janitorial service provides a dedicated in-house daytime supervisor who’s there to keep the building clean, clear and prepare meeting rooms, keep kitchen facilities clean and stocked, and looks after general maintenance.

Client, James Nockolds, said: “When moving from a serviced office into our own leased space in April 2019 we knew we would like our office to continue to be cleaned by Office Space Cleaning. Although this was managed by our office provider before, we had built great relationships with the day and evening cleaners that have worked at the office we called home for six years. 

“We knew we could count on James and the team to provide a trustworthy, reliable service that we knew worked. We are in the legal sector, so security is paramount. During the pandemic, additional services like fogging were introduced, giving the whole team confidence in returning to the office when needed.”

Find out more about the services offered by Office Space Cleaning at or call 020 3795 2400.

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