October 26, 2021

James Carver in This Week in FM: What Does the PM's COVID-19 Winter Plan Mean for Employers?

What Does the PM's COVID-19 Winter Plan Mean for Employers?

This autumn has seen the very welcome return of workers to the office as occupancy rates have begun to rise. However, at the same time, Covid cases are still climbing and, with the winter months on the horizon, it is crucial that office operators don’t find themselves caught out by a further spike in cases.


Writing for This Week in FM, James Carver, OSC’s Managing Director, highlights the need for operators to take adopt a rigorous and enhanced cleaning approach to ensure that they are prepared as possible for the winter months ahead.


James outlines the importance of utilising a ‘flow cleaning’ method which we have adopted at OSC throughout the pandemic. This ensures that no small detail can get missed. In addition, he highlights the importance of increasing the frequency of deep cleans as these can be more than just a tool against Covid. These additional cleans can also protect workers from the threat of other illnesses, such as the flu, which can be just as damaging. It is essential that office operators adopt a new attitude towards cleaning measures as they must now be seen as a health and safety measure against all illnesses.


With office workers expecting these extra attentions to be paid to the prevention of Covid, these enhanced cleaning measures will be essential in order to encourage their return and stay ahead of the curve.


You can read James’ comments in full here: https://www.twinfm.com/article/what-does-the-pms-covid-19-winter-plan-mean-for-employers

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